We get this a lot - brands that started organically, and realise a little later on the need for a cohesive brand story and a visual language. Pause was one such  brand. We always say, the biggest hurdle is recognising the need for it. With two talented visionaries at the helm of it, we partnered with Pause to help give their already established brand some flavour and a distinct character - it becomes particularly important to acknowledge the brand's journey and values that have evolved over time, and to retain the bits that resonate with their product. Our efforts are best manifested on the revamped website and brand book that sets the precedent for all that follows hereon. 


Their product range used completely natural breathable fabrics, yet being extremely edgy in their aesthetic. We struck that balance using very modern graphics to marry the two, slightly paradoxical qualities. 

Brand Story Mock Up 3.jpg
Brand Story Mock Up 4.jpg